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U.S. Single Family Equity U.S. Single Family Equity

Strategy overview: 

Our U.S. single family equity strategy is designed to provide an opportunity to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns by acquiring, renting and managing a portfolio of single family homes.

  • Designed to address the market demand for stable, low volatility income-oriented returns
  • Differentiated technology-led platform which includes market execution tools, proprietary underwriting system and real time portfolio risk management
  • Access to a streamlined acquisition pipeline through a dedicated single family rental aggregator

Primary target markets

Our U.S. single family equity strategy targets assets in markets with potential for strong cash flow and home price appreciation, as of Q2 2018, our current target markets include: 

U.S. Single Family Equity

  • Sean Dobson Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer
  • U.S. Single Family Rental - Institutional Activity in 2016/2017

    White Paper - August 2017
    Our November 2016 white paper, "U.S. Single Family Rental—An Emerging Institutional Asset Class" examined single family rentals (“SFR”) as an institution-owned, long-term commercial real estate (“CRE”) asset. It broadly discussed the U.S. housing market and single family rentals, and examined drivers behind the growth of single family rentals, and in particular, institutional SFR. This paper updates that analysis, and takes a closer look at more recent (2016–2017) activity in the Institutional SFR space.

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  • U.S. Single Family Rental - An Emerging Institutional Asset Class

    White Paper - November 2016
    Single-family suburban homes have been the mainstay of the U.S. housing market since the post-World War II automobile boom. However, as mortgage credit availability became scarce and homeownership plummeted following the financial crisis, the demand for single-family homes manifested itself in the form of rentals — amplifying the opportunity in the single-family rental (“SFR”) space. This paper examines single-family rentals as an institution-owned, longer-term commercial real-estate (“CRE”), much as apartment and office REITs are viewed.

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