Investment Strategies

Mortgage Backed Securities Mortgage Backed Securities


Strategy overview: 

Our public markets strategies cover commercial and residential mortgage backed securities

  • Provide investment advice with respect to $2bn1 in mortgage-related assets
  • Our seasoned team structures and manages bespoke portfolios for investors seeking alpha in the mortgage backed securities markets
  • Data is essential to MBS investments – Our differentiated technology2 blends rich asset level detail, quantitative capabilities and strong fundamental insights that provide a differentiated view into fundamentals driving asset performance
  • We believe these tools provide Amherst Capital an enhanced ability to identify value and opportunities within this large and diverse asset class

Mortgage Backed Securities

1 - As of December 31, 2020.

2 - Provided through Amherst InsightLabs (“AIL”).  Amherst Capital has an exclusive license with AIL in the asset management industry. AIL is an affiliate of Amherst Holdings, LLC.

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