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Everything we do is underpinned by proprietary analytical tools and methodologies – then battletested by an in-house team of research analysts and real estate capital market experts. We believe that this combination provides Amherst Capital with an information advantage and differentiated perspective into the fundamentals driving performance. 

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  • “Brace for an even hotter housing market if Austin lands Amazon HQ2”

    Austin CultureMap - January 2018
    If Austin scores Amazon’s $5 billion second headquarters, we should brace ourselves for a hotter — and costlier — market for single-family homes. A new report from Amherst Capital Management LLC, a real estate investment firm, forecasts demand for single-family homes in the Austin metro area would jump by 13 percent if Amazon picks our region for the e-commerce giant’s so-called HQ2 project. By comparison, demand would inch up by just 4 percent if Dallas gains HQ2.

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  • HQ2’s Prime Effect on Local Housing Markets

    Commentary - January 2018
    Amazon, Inc. – which is looking to build a second headquarters (HQ2) – announced the 20 finalist markets on January 18, 2018. Amazon’s decision carries with it fascinating economic implications, as the company claims its HQ2 will bring 50,000 jobs to the selected area.

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  • "Amherst: Amazon’s HQ2 choice to drive local housing demand up to 25%”

    HousingWire. – January 2018
    Real estate investment firm Amherst Capital Management released market commentary on Wednesday outlining the potential impact Amazon’s second headquarters could have on the already hot housing markets of the 20 cities being eyed by the ecommerce giant.

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  • "Transforming real estate investing with data, analytics and innovative technology"

    Institutional Real Estate, Inc. – February 2018
    Recently, Jonathan A. Schein, managing director of global business development at Institutional Real Estate, Inc., spoke with Sean Dobson, chief executive officer and chief investment officer of Amherst Capital Management LLC (Amherst Capital). Sean also serves as chair and chief executive officer of Amherst Holdings (Amherst). The following is an excerpt of that conversation.

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  • 2018 Market Outlook - U.S. Real Estate

    Market Update - December 2017
    This paper examines real estate market fundamentals and four key themes to watch in 2018.

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  • "Financing transitional real estate assets"

    Institutional Real Estate, Inc. – December 2017
    Recently, Jonathan A. Schein, managing director of global business development at Institutional Real Estate, Inc., spoke with Chris Kelly, head of commercial real estate lending at Amherst Capital Management. The following is an excerpt of that conversation.

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  • "Real Estate Forecast 2018: Debt, student housing and single-family rental properties are all in season for the new year"

    Real Assets Adviser – December 2017
    Real estate is a cyclical investment class, and after eight years of economic growth — in fact, the United States is currently in its third-longest expansion since World War II — the current upward trend of the cycle is feeling a little long in the tooth. While no one can point to a specific event that will cause it to turn downward, it just feels like it is time for the cycle to start cycling. So how can private investors prepare for a change in the investment climate? One way is to look at what institutional investors are doing.

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  • "An emerging asset class: A look at institutional single-family rental activity in 2016/2017"

    Institutional Real Estate, Inc. – December 2017
    The share of institutions in the single-family rental market has been rising since 2010. Last year was no exception. Although some of the publicly traded single-family rental REITs report their holdings publicly, we used a slightly different approach to understand the activity of all the major institutional players (publicly traded or not). Specifically, we use the County Record and Transaction Data from CoreLogic to track properties that are owned by institutional pools of capital, by identifying buyers allied with each of them.

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  • “If you own a cheaper house, you're in the money”

    CNBC – November 2017
    "Institutional activity in the single-family market continues to increase, driven by relatively attractive valuations, modestly strong home price appreciation and stable financing," said Sandeep Bordia, head of research and analytics at Amherst Capital. "We believe that evolving demographics, financial factors and shifting consumer preferences, will keep demand for single-family homes elevated over the coming years."

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  • "Amherst: The state of single-family rental investments"

    HousingWire – October 2017
    The single-family rental market is now past 200,000 properties owned by institutional capital. And this is probably a low estimate, with the latest numbers coming out only for the year 2016, according to a new white paper from Amherst Capital Management – these four charts break down the market.

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