Head of Modeling

CJ Zhao

Head of Modeling

CJ Zhao is a Managing Director and Head of Modeling at Amherst Capital. In this role, CJ is responsible for maintaining and updating models used by various organizations within the Amherst family.

Prior to joining Amherst Capital, CJ served as Head of Modeling at Amherst Holdings, where she was responsible for advancing the firm’s capabilities in modeling the U.S. Real Estate and Mortgage market and its underlying risk drivers. Prior to this, CJ held various roles at Fannie Mae including Director of Portfolio Management, Director of Portfolio Risk Analysis and Director of Credit Analytics. CJ started her career as a Senior Quant at Aquila and has close to 18 years of industry experience.

CJ holds a BS in international finance from Nankai University, a MS in economics from Iowa State University and a MS in finance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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